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Red Zone Q1

  1. Anghel, I.; Cioara, T.; Moldovan, D.; Antal, M.; Pop, C.D.; Salomie, I.; Pop, C.B.; Chifu, V.R. Smart Environments and Social Robots for Age-Friendly Integrated Care Services. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17, 3801. WoS Q1 DOI
  2. Marcel Antal, Claudia Pop, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie, Florin Pop, A system of systems approach for data centers optimization and integration into smart energy grids, Future Generation Computer Systems, April 2020, ISSN 0167-739X. WoS Q1 DOI
  3. Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie, Marcel Antal, Claudia Pop, Massimo Bertoncini, Diego Arnone, Florin Pop, Exploiting data centres energy flexibility in smart cities: Business scenarios, Information Sciences, 2019, ISSN 0020-0255 WoS Q1 DOI
  4. Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie, Lina Barakat, Simon Miles, Dianne Reidlinger, Adel Taweel, Ciprian Dobre, Florin Pop, Expert system for nutrition care process of older adults, Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 80, March 2018, Pages 368-383, ISSN 0167-739X. WoS Q1 DOI
  5. Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Massimo Bertoncini, Ioan Salomie, Diego Arnone, Marzia Mammina, Terpsi Velivassaki, Marcel Antal, Optimized Flexibility Management enacting Data Centres Participation în Smart Demand Response Programs, Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 78, Part 1, January 2018, Pages 330-342. IF: WoS Q1 DOI
  6. Adel Taweel, Lina Barakat, Simon Miles, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil, Ioan Salomie, A service-based system for malnutrition prevention and self-management, in Computer Standards & Interfaces, 2016. IF:WoS Q1 DOI
  7. Marcel Antal, Claudia Pop, Teodor Petrican, Andreea Valeria Vesa, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie, Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, MoSiCS: Modeling, simulation and optimization of complex systems–A case study on energy efficient datacenters, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 2019, ISSN 1569-190X WoS Q1 DOI

Yellow Zone Q2

  1. Chifu, V.R.; Pop, C.B.; Rancea, A.M.; Morar, A.; Cioara, T.; Antal, M.; Anghel, I. Deep Learning, Mining, and Collaborative Clustering to Identify Flexible Daily Activities Patterns. Sensors 2022, 22, 4803 WoS Q2 DOI
  2. Chifu, V.R.; Pop, C.B.; Demjen, D.; Socaci, R.; Todea, D.; Antal, M.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I.; Antal, C. Identifying and Monitoring the Daily Routine of Seniors Living at Home. Sensors 2022, 22, 992 WoS Q2 DOI
  3. Antal, M.; Cristea, A.-A.; Padurean, V.-A.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I.; Antal, C.; Salomie, I.; Saintherant, N. Heating Homes with Servers: Workload Scheduling for Heat Reuse in Distributed Data Centers. Sensors 2021, 21, 2879. WoS Q2 DOI
  4. T. Cioara, M. Antal, V. T. Mihailescu, C. D. Antal, I. M. Anghel and D. Mitrea, "Blockchain-Based Decentralized Virtual Power Plants of Small Prosumers," in IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp. 29490-29504, 2021 WoS Q2 DOI
  5. C. D. Pop, M. Antal, T. Cioara, I. Anghel and I. Salomie, Blockchain and Demand Response: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Energy Transactions Privacy, Sensors, 2020, 20, 5678. WoS Q2 DOI
  6. Antal M, Toderean L, Cioara T, Anghel I. Hybrid Deep Neural Network Model for Multi-Step Energy Prediction of Prosumers. Applied Sciences. 2022; 12(11):5346 WoS Q2 DOI
  7. Cioara, T.; Antal, M.; C.D.A.; Anghel, I.; Bertoncini, M.; Arnone, D.; Lazzaro, M.; Mammina, M.; Velivassaki, T.-H.; Voulkidis, A.; Ricordel, Y.; Sainthérant, N.; Oleksiak, A.; Piatek, W. Data Centers Optimized Integration with Multi-Energy Grids: Test Cases and Results in Operational Environment. Sustainability 2020, 12, 9893. WoS Q2 DOI
  8. Pop, C.; Antal, M.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I.; Salomie, I.; Bertoncini, M. A Fog Computing Enabled Virtual Power Plant Model for Delivery of Frequency Restoration Reserve Services. Sensors 2019, 19, 4688. WoS Q2 DOI
  9. Pop, C.; Antal, M.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I.; Sera, D.; Salomie, I.; Raveduto, G.; Ziu, D.; Croce, V.; Bertoncini, M. Blockchain-Based Scalable and Tamper-Evident Solution for Registering Energy Data. Sensors 2019, 19, 3033. WoS Q2 DOI
  10. Claudia Pop, Tudor Cioara, Marcel Antal, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie and Massimo Bertoncini, Blockchain Based Decentralized Management of Demand Response Programs in Smart Energy Grids, Sensors 2018, 18(1), 162. WoS Q2 DOI
  11. Moldovan, D.; Anghel, I.; Cioara, T.; Salomie, I. Adapted Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for Efficient Features Selection in the Case of Imbalanced Sensor Data. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 1496., WoS Q2 DOI
  12. Vesa, A.V.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I.; Antal, M.; Pop, C.; Iancu, B.; Salomie, I.; Dadarlat, V.T. Energy Flexibility Prediction for Data Center Engagement in Demand Response Programs. Sustainability 2020, 12, 1417, WoS Q2 DOI
  13. Marcel Antal, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Claudia Pop and Ioan Salomie, Transforming Data Centers in Active Thermal Energy Players in Nearby Neighborhoods, Sustainability 2018, 10, 939. WoS Q2 DOI

Conference Proceedings, Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  1. Goia, B.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I. Virtual Power Plant Optimization in Smart Grids: A Narrative Review. Future Internet 2022, 14, 128 ISI Emerging Sources Citation Index DOI
  2. Florea, A.-I.; Anghel, I.; Cioara, T. A Review of Blockchain Technology Applications in Ambient Assisted Living. Future Internet 2022, 14 ISI Emerging Sources Citation Index DOI
  3. Marcel Antal, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Claudia Antal, and Ioan Salomie. 2021. Flexibility Management of Data Centers to Provide Energy Services in the Smart Grid. In Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems (e-Energy '21). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 443–449 DOI
  4. C. Antal, T. Cioara, M. Antal and I. Anghel, "Blockchain Platform For COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Management," in IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society, vol. 2, pp. 164-178, 2021. ISI Emerging Sources Citation Index DOI
  5. Antal, C.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I.; Antal, M.; Salomie, I. Distributed Ledger Technology Review and Decentralized Applications Development Guidelines. Future Internet 2021, 13, 62. ISI Emerging Sources Citation Index DOI
  6. D. Moldovan, I. Anghel, T. Cioara and I. Salomie. Apache Spark for Digitalization, Analysis and Optimization of Discrete Manufacturing Processes, Big Data Platforms and Applications, Springer International Publishing, Pop Florin, Neagu Gabriel (Eds.), 2021, ISSN 1617-7975 Book Chapter DOI
  7. Ionut Anghel, Tudor Cioara, Claudia Pop, Marcel Antal. Semantic Data Model for Energy Efficient Integration of Data Centres in Energy Grids, Data Science and Big Data Analytics in Smart Environments 1st Edition, by Marta Chinnici (Editor), Florin Pop (Editor), Catalin Negru (Editor), CRC, ISBN 9780367407131, July 2021 Book Chapter DOI
  8. C. Pop, M. Antal, T. Cioara, Ionut Anghel. Trading Energy as a Digital Asset: A Blockchain based Energy Market, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies and Applications: Decentralization and Smart Contracts, July 2020, Eds.: Shrivastava Gulshan, Le Dac-Nhuong, Sharma Kavita. Wiley-Scrivener ISBN: 978-1-119-62116-4 Book Chapter DOI
  9. G. Raveduto, V. Croce, M. Antal, C. Pop, I. Anghel and T. Cioara, Dynamic Coalitions of Prosumers in Virtual Power Plants for Energy Trading and Profit Optimization, 2020 IEEE 20th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON), Palermo, Italy, 16-18 June 2020 DOI
  10. Marcel Antal, Tudor Cioara,Ionut Anghel, Radoslaw Gorzenski, Radoslaw Januszewski, Ariel Oleksiak, Wojciech Piatek, Claudia Pop, Ioan Salomie and Wojciech Szeliga, Reuse of Data Center Waste Heat in Nearby Neighborhoods: A Neural Networks-Based Prediction Model, Energies 2019, 12(5), 814 IF: 2.702 Q3 DOI
  11. I. Anghel, T. Cioara, C. Pop, M. Bertoncini, T. Velivassaki, Vasiliki Georgiadou, A. Oleksiak, Artemis C. Voulkidis, Nicolas Saintherant, M. Paglia, Converting Data Centres in Energy Flexibility Ecosystems, IEEE 18th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2nd Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe, Palermo 2018 DOI
  12. T. Cioara, I. Anghel, C. Pop, M. Bertoncini, V. Croce, D. Ioannidis, K. Votis, D. Tzovaras, Luigi D’Oriano, Enabling New Tehnologies for Demand Response Descentralized Validation using Blockchain, IEEE 18th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2nd Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe, Palermo 2018 DOI
  13. Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie, Methodology for Energy Aware Adaptive Management of Virtualized Data Centers, in Energy Efficiency, April 2017, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 475–498 IF: 1.81 Q3 , DOI


  1. Romanian Academy Constantin Budeanu award for contributions in the area of Intelligent solutions for energy ecosystems, December 2020.Read more
  2. Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie, Daniel Moldovan, Georgiana Copil and Alexander Kipp - Energy Aware Dynamic Resource Consolidation Algorithm for Virtualized Service Centers based on Reinforcement Learning - The 10th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, pp. 163-169, ISBN: 978-0-7695-4540-0, 2011, BEST PAPER AWARD , DOI
  3. Ionut Anghel, Tudor Cioara, Ioan Salomie, Mihaela Dinsoreanu, Anca Rarau - A Self-Configuring Middleware for Managing Context Awareness - Proceedings of the International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems, INSTICC Press, pp. 131-138, 2009, BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD, DOI

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  1. Sensors, 2021, Special Issue "Blockchain Applications in Smart Energy Grids".Read more
  2. Sensors, 2020-2021, Special Issue "Emerging Sensors Techniques and Technologies for Intelligent Environments".Read more
  3. Sustainability, 2019-2020, Special Issue "Decentralized Management of Flexible Energy Resources in Smart Grid".Read more