Research Project CNCSIS PN II IDEI 333/2007







Project Objectives

The objective of the proposed project is the study and elaboration of a theory and of a unitary framework for ontology driven automatic web service composition. For this objective, we will study, elaborate, and validate experimentally models, methods, algorithms, and techniques of automatic Web service composition, aiming at: dynamic service discovery, the development of algorithms for service selection based on quality of service (QoS) criteria, research and elaboration of strategies for automatic composition and dynamic invocation of services. In order to test, assess, and validate the proposed composition methods, we will implement an experimental platform for automatic Web service composition which will also allow a comparison with other projects of the same kind. We wish to develop a flexible solution, which is to involve a minimum of human effort whenever the composition scenario changes. The main objective of the project is decomposed in the following sub-objectives:

  • Development of the conceptual architecture for Web service composition, corresponding to the unitary theory of automatic composition we wish develop in the framework of this project
  • Study and development of the domain ontology model
  • Define techniques for semantic annotation of Web service descriptions
  • Development of the QoS model
  • Study and development of the conceptual model for capturing the requirements and their integration with the domain ontology and QoS model
  • Study, analysis and development of techniques and strategies for automatic Web service composition
  • Development of algorithms for the selection of the Web services participant in the composition process
  • Development of two case studies which are to validate the research ideas
  • Implementation of an experimental prototype of the platform for automatic Web service composition
  • Analysis of results, proving the efficiency of the adopted solution, and corrector actions

    Achievement Plan

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