Integrated System for developing semantically-enhanced archive content

Research Project 11-051/2007 CNMP, Program 4 – Research partnership for priority domain







Resources required for accessing the experimental model

In order to access the experimental model of the ArhiNet system, the following resources need to be installed:

  • The Windows XP operating system or newer versions
  • The Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (at least version 7)
  • The authorization certificate

To install the authorization certificate follow the steps presented here .

How to access the experimental model

The experimental model of the ArhiNet system can be accessed at the following address: http://coned.utcluj.ro/ArhiNet/UIMockup.xbap only after the resources mentioned above have been installed. The users with no rights can view the documents loaded into the system and can access the experimental model of the information retrieval sub-system using the username “us” and password “us”.

To access the experimental models of the data acquisition and reasoning sub-systems, the user should log with a username having supplementary rights. In order to obtain these supplementary rights please contact us at the address Cristina.Pop@cs.utcluj.ro.


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